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19 Feb 2013

QA Testing Tools

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Breve reseña del contenido del website QA Testing Tools vinculado con las Herramientas para el Testing, su alcance, sus posibilidades y tendencias.

Testing Tools

Navegando por la web buscando un dato referido a una herramienta que me permita automatizar cierto tipo de pruebas, me topé con el website ‘QA Testing Tools‘, muy recomendable ya que tiene una variedad importante de información vinculada con herramientas.

QA Testing Tools – Estructura del website

1. Home
2. Testing Tools
2.1. Commercial Tools
2.2. Opensource Testing Tools
2.3. GUI Testing Tools List
2.4. Mobile Testing Tools List
2.5. Test Management Tools
2.6. Submit Articles about Testing Tools
3. Automatic Testing Articles
3.1. All Articles
3.2. Automated Testing Tools, Compare and Select
3.3. Automatic Regression, Do we really need it?
3.4. Developers Needs Automation, Yes/No?
3.5. F.A.Q.
3.6. Glossary
3.7. Mobile Testing with Open Source VoIP
3.8. Select Specific Article
3.9. The Hardness of SOA Testing
3.10. The best to WIN – Automation Tools
3.11. VoIP Performance – Testing, Tools Review
4. Community
4.1. Forum
4.2. Professional Assistence
4.3. QA Party
5. Compare
5.1. GUI Testing Tools
5.2. Mobile Testing Tools (T1)
5.3. Test Management Tools (T1)
6. Advertising
8. Contact Us

FuenteQA Testing Tools

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