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5 Jan 2015

Year Of English, Day 1

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Free-English-lessons-in-London_Perfect-Language-Learner-1024x793Pick up a habit

The minimum is 10 minutes. Even on your busiest day, you can spare 10 minutes.

So here’s your assignment:

  1. Print out a 2015 calendar and hang it on your wall.
  2. Every day that you practice English, cross out the day with a big “X”.
  3. Make sure that every day gets crossed out. Try not to leave any blanks!

Now let’s do today’s practice. Here are some phrases that were used. Make some sentences of your own with each one and say them out loud:

  • Western cultures
  • set a resolution
  • set a goal
  • achieve a goal
  • the number one requirement for (verb+ing)
  • commit to (noun)
  • every single day
  • That’s why (sentence)
  • the minimum is (an amount)
  • even on your (adj.) day
  • spare (some time)
  • cross out (a day on a calendar)
  • make sure that (clause)

Source: http://www.yearofenglish.com/


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