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10 Jun 2015

Calabash – Paso Predefinido: Gestures

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Then /^I swipe left$/
Swipes left.

Then /^I swipe right$/
Swipes right.

Then /^I scroll down$/
Scrolls down.

Then /^I scroll up$/
Scrolls up.

Then /^I select “([^\”]*)” from the menu$/ do |identifier|
Opens the menu by simulating pressing the menu button and then selects a menu item marked by the specified identifier.

Then /^I drag from (\d+):(\d+) to (\d+):(\d+) moving with (\d+) steps$/ do |from_x, from_y, to_x, to_y, steps|
Drags from one point on the screen to another.

Note: x:y co-ordinates are expressed as percentages of the screen width:height

Fuente: github.com/calabash


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