Debate: 25 escenarios de prueba para apps Android

El siguiente listado de escenarios de prueba me pareció muy interesante levantarlo y mostrarlo, ofreciendo la fuente por supuesto y como corresponde, porque nos permite imaginar cuántos beneficios obtendríamos si nos pusiéramos de acuerdo todos nosotros en elaborar y almacenar en un espacio colaborativo, todos los casos de prueba vinculados con apps Android.

  1. Verify whether the application has been launched successfully or not.
  2. Verify whether the splash screen is displayed for long enough to read the text or not.
  3. Verify that the application’s display is adapted to the screen size and all buttons and menus are easily clickable.
  4. Verify that soft keyboard automatically appears if the user’s main action is to enter some text.
  5. Check that each screen is appropriately displayed in each display mode (landscape, portrait).
  6. Verify that if the app contains user settings, does the application provide a form to change settings or not.
  7. Verify that in the play screen, the back key allows to go back to the start-up screen or not.
  8. Verify that the app does behave as intended if there’s an incoming Call or SMS.
  9. Verify that the app does behave as intended if the mobile device resumes from the lock screen.
  10. Verify that the app does behave as intended if the mobile device is shaken.
  11. Verify that the app does behave as intended if a push message is coming from another app (e.g. WhatsApp messages, Twitter mentions, Wordfeud invitations etc).
  12. Verify that the app does behave as intended if the “Battery low” message appears on the screen.
  13. Verify that the app does behave as designed/desired if the device is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi.
  14. Verify Stability check i.e. if the app has a list (e.g. pictures) in it, try scrolling through it at high speed.
  15. For a multi-lingual app, verify whether the text content and button labels are properly translated or not.
  16. Verify if the application supports speech recognition feature, application can recognize the voice in the language of the application.
  17. Verify if the application uses sensors, application is correctly driven by these sensors.
  18. Verify if the application communicates with a webserver, if the network coverage fails, does the application automatically reinitiate the communication once the coverage is re-established or not?
  19. Verify if the application supports calendar and create events feature.
  20. Verify if the application support capture image.
  21. Verify if the application supports record sound.
  22. Verify if the application allows to control the volume, the user can alter the volume anytime.
  23. Verify if the password is displayed or not when its entered into the application.
  24. Verify when the device is suddenly powered off, the application does not corrupt data. Are the last saved data saved properly?
  25. Verify tap on the screen ten times at different positions, the application should work normally and not freeze.

En el próximo artículo lo convertiré al español y diseñaré un mapa mental.

Qué grandioso sería poder tener un espacio web colaborativo donde todos los testers pudieran subir y consultar casos de prueba, no?

La seguimos.

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