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Listado de webinars ofrecidos en la EuroSTAR Conferences sobre Software Testing.


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Webinar 41: Agile Test Management
Fran O’Hara (26th May)

Webinar 40: The Joy Of Weekend Testing Facilitation
Ajay Balamurugadas (25th May)

Webinar 39: Leading Business Testers
Nancy Kelln (24th May)

Webinar 38: Lessons Learned From Being A Casualty Simulation Victim
Nathalie van Delft (23rd May)

Webinar 37: Critical Thinking Skills for Testers
Susan Windsor (14th April)

Webinar 36: Session-Based Testing in Practice
Carsten Feilberg (10th March)

Webinar 35: Working Ourselves Out of a Job: A Passion for Improvement
Isabel Evans (February 3rd)

Webinar 34: What Managers Think They Know About Automation – But Don’t
Dorothy Graham (December 2nd)

Webinar 33 Early Test Involvement to The Extreme – Merging Requirements Engineering and Testing
Anne Mette Hass (December 2nd)

Webinar 32: Agile Testing and Product Owners Leading Agile Teams Towards Results
Bob Galen (December 1st)

Webinar 31: Selecting the Right Test Design Technique
Derk Jan de Grood (December 1st)

Webinar 30: Six Hats on Software Testing
Julian Harty (30 November 2010)

Webinar 29: Are we all not Testers?
Henrik Andersson (October 12th)

Webinar 28: Agile Testing Facing the Challenges in Test Management… Common Anti-patterns
Bob Galen (September 9th 14:00pm GMT/15:00pm CET)

Webinar 27: Alternative Paths for Self Education in Software Testing
Markus Gärtner (September 10th, 2pm GMT/3pm CET)

Webinar 26: An Introduction to Lean Test Management
Bob van der Burgt & Iris Pinkster (September 6th, 10am GMT/11am CET)

Webinar 25: EuroSTAR 2010 Programme Announcement
John Fodeh & Nathalie van Delft (May 12th 2010 10:00am GMT/11:00am CET)

Webinar 24: SOA: Whats in it for Testers?
Graham Bath, T-Systems, Germany (April 21st 2010,, 10:00am GMT)

Webinar 23: A Lucky Shot at Agile?
Zeger van Hese (March 24th, 10:00am GMT/11:00am CET)

Webinar 22: Test Management: A Survival Guide
Graham Thomas (March 10th, 10:00am GMT/ 11:00am CET)

Webinar 21: Submitting for EuroSTAR 2010 – Some Useful Tips
John Fodeh & Peter Morgan (29/01/2010)

Webinar 20: More and Better Test Ideas
Rikard Edgren (15 December 2009)

Webinar 19: Live Webinar from EuroSTAR 2009
Dorothy Graham & John Fodeh (December 03, 2009 )

Webinar 18: Taking the Risk of Failure out of Process Improvement
Geoff Thompson, Experimentus ltd, UK (10th of November 2009)

Webinar 17: Get Ready, Set,….Automate!
John Fodeh, HP, Denmark (6th October 2009)

Webinar 16: Team Agility Assesment
Ray Arell, Intel, US (15/09/09)

Webinar 15: Exploring the Relationships Between Testing ROI, Testing Risk & Testing Maturity
Ian Howles, EDS, UK (20/08/09 )

Webinar 14: Make Risk Based Testing a Reality
Fiona Charles, Quality Intelligence Inc, Canada (23/07/2009)

Webinar 13: Performance Testing of Web Applications & RIA’s
Benoit Derouet, Neotys, France (25/06/2009)

Webinar 12: Announcing the EuroSTAR 2009 Programme
Dorothy Graham, EuroSTAR Programme Chair, UK (19/05/2009)

Webinar 11: Testing – The Next Level
Erik Boelen, Unite – IT, Belgium (24/03/2009)

Webinar 10: The Surprising Right Fit For Software Testing
Thorkil Sonne Specialisterne, Denmark (26/02/2009)

Webinar 9: Becoming Agile – Reshaping Testing for an Agile Team
James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions Ltd., UK (October 15th 2008)

Webinar 8: The End of Testing As We Know It
James Whittaker, Microsoft, USA (June 11th 2008)

Webinar 7: Trends that May Shape the Future of Software Testing
Randall Rice, Rice Consulting Services, Inc., USA (11/06/2008)

Webinar 6: Agile Testing
Fran O’Hara, Insight Test Services, Ireland (26/02/2008)

Webinar 5: Regulating Professional Competence
Isabel Evans, Testing Solutions Group, UK (15/11/2007)

Webinar 4: How To Develop A Reliable Test Effort Estimation
Ruud Teunissen, Polteq It Services, The Netherlands (11/10/2007)

Webinar 3: An Introduction to Testing on Agile Teams – The Practices & Beyond
Antony Marcano,, UK (05/09/2007)

Webinar 2: Using Lessons Learned to Challenge ERP Projects
Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting, UK (14/06/2007)

Webinar 1: A Professional Test Process Needs Professional People
Stephen Allott, ElectroMind, UK (22/05/2007)


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