expo:QA’18 y el equipo de ponentes ya está listo

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expo:QA’18 y el equipo de ponentes ya está listo
Madrid 04-06 de Junio 2018 – Conocé más acerca de esta expo que está dirigida a toda la comunidad de testers. http://www.expoqa.com/


expo:QA’18 – Schedule

4th June

Track 1
Practical Techniques for Software Releasability – Manuel Pais
(Re)invent your test strategy – Ard Kramer, Beren Van Daele & Andreas Faes

Track 2
Right-sizing Documentation for Test Design and Reporting – Fiona Charles

Track 3
A personal journey into the wonderful world of storytelling – Huib Schoots

Track 4
Test Automation, Don’t just do it! – Seretta Gamba


5th June

Track 1
Everything ready? – Graham Moran
Opening – Ard Kramer, Program Chair
Keynote: Testing for a Safer Worldenglishspanish – Fiona Charles
Focus on product quality instead of testing – Dana Aonofriesei
Why software security has gotten worse? And what can we do about it? – Santhosh Tuppad

Track 2
The Futureproof Tester: How to deal with blockchain-based applications – Sanne Visser
Automating performance testing: a challenging but rewarding journey – Joost Donkers

Track 3
CognitiveQA: Artificial Intelligence assistants for testing, the new reality! – Albert Tort
DevOps 100% in the cloud – Fernando Pérez

Track 4
Key factors of integrated test automation in DevOps. – Aurelio Gandarillas
TDM in motion with icaria Lean Tester – Enrique Almohalla

Track 5
Testing in the 21st century Pt.1 – Alex Soto


6th June

Track 1

Opening – Ard Kramer, Program Chair
Keynote: Seven proven ways to ruin your Test Automationenglishspanish – Seretta Gamba
Architecture for Test Frameworks – Sven Kroell
How to automate negative tests – Tuhin Mitra
DevOps: How to address test data? – Filipe Nuno Carlos
Keynote: Let’s stop talking about Testing, let’s start thinking about valueenglishspanish – Huib Schoots & Alex Schladebeck
The risk questionnaire – Adam Knight
Prizes & Awards – Graham Moran
Closing – Ard Kramer, Program Chair

Track 2
Tester’s guide to managing biases – Lina Zubyte
Testing in the hundred microservices world: when the testing pyramid becomes an hourglass – Isa Vilacides
Mobile testing in the wild: when the fun begins! – Joel Oliveira
POCs – a different approach of building testing strategies – Andrei Contan

Track 3
DevOps: A Smart Life-Cycle – Javier Lisbona
DEISER DevOps: Going live 10 times faster the Atlassian way – Carlos Fernández & David García
The magic of AI in SW Testing – Pablo M. Sánchez

Track 5
Automating embedded software tests using Robot Framework Pt.1 – David Barba Martí & Alejandro Izquierdo Espinosa



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