Testing Circus Vol 5 – Edición 2

De parte de Ajoy, recibí la novedad del Vol 5, edición 2, de la revista digital Testing Circus.

Su contenido es:

  • Interview with James Bach by Jay Philips
  • Building a Solid Testing Foundation with BBST by Michael Larsen
  • The Prospects for BBST Course by Cem Kaner & Rebecca L. Fiedler
  • How BBST Transformed Me As a Tester by Sharath Byregowda
  • BBST – Staying on Track in A User Driven Course by Geoff Loken
  • BBST Graduates Speak About The Course
  • BBST Domain Testing – An Experience Report by Chris Kenst
  • Book Review – Lesson Learned in Software Testing
  • A Fake Tester’s Diary, Part – 38
  • Testers to Follow
  • Crack The Code by Blindu Eusebiu
  • Security Testing Tips (Part 14) by Santhosh Tuppad
  • Testing Trends Which Will Catch Up In 2014
  • Recording Of Exploratory Test Sessions
  • Rapid Prototyping-Testing Of SAP In The Cloud
  • Testing Events Around the World

Download the Magazine – http://www.testingcircus.com/testing-circus-2014-february-edition/


Gus Terrera

Apasionado por el agile testing y la ia.

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