Year of English, Day 162: Negative personality types

You’re getting better and better at English as the year goes on, right? Are you ready for some difficult reading?

This is a list of «15 Types of People You Should try to avoid by all Means». It describes types of people that make your life more difficult. Read each item and see if you imagine the type of person that’s being described in each one. The vocabulary is difficult, but you should be able to figure out the personality types if you push past the unfamiliar words and keep reading the descriptions.

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15 Types of People You Should try to avoid by all Means

There is a popular notion that no matter what happens; people will always be people because people will always have fault(s). That notion is absolutely correct. Another fact is that we are a group/social creatures and that means we must associate with one another in one way or the other hence the saying “no man is an island”.

But there is a very big problem with that.

There is this tendency that if you allow yourself to be infiltrated by external influences in the name of associating with certain types of people, before you know it, there is resonance and you become that person! In other words certain types of association could be very dangerous to you. But is there a way you can stay safe? Of course! We can start by enumerating these certain types of individuals that you should try to avoid by all means. Let’s meet them:

The criminally minded

This type of individual is only out to corrupt you and eventually lead you into crime either by showing you that crime is no big deal or by seriously (though vaguely and falsely) explaining to you why you should get involved at once. To him, everything, be it business opportunity, business deals, religious/social functions, every system, every latest technology, every new idea and even the normal day to day dealing with other persons is nothing but an opportunity to get bastardly and criminally enriched in one way or the other thus it must be criminally exploited to make the riches happen…immediately!

He is always on the look for his selfish gains all the time and he does not care the way or the means through which his inordinate desires and dreams materialize. He is always on the lookout for unseen dangers, always suspicious of everything, constantly on the lookout for the police or the law. Worst still, he has developed this habit of believing that everybody wants to cheat him and so he must act fast to prevent that from happening. In other words, he does not trust anybody and that includes YOU! My dear friend, you may be a lover of life on the fast lane with all those ‘blowing money fast’ lifestyle and I also know you may be seriously intrigued and hypnotized by the gangster lifestyle of this person but wait a minute…and ponder over these questions –do you still remember that there’s always a price tag? Is this the type of life I really want for myself? I doubt, so please do steer clear before you get infected!

The wicked and greedy

Oho! Some people argue that humans are naturally greedy. Maybe it is true. But there is one thing I know for sure: every type of emotion can be effectively controlled including greed. The greedy I am referring to in this piece is that extremely greedy one. She does not want anything but the largest share for herself alone. She does not care if you are making some sacrifices for the benefit of others. That is your business as far as she is concerned. One thing for sure is that this uncontrolled/excessive greediness easily transforms to and manifests as wickedness. And that is where you come in. If care is not taken by you, there is every possibility that soon you will start getting (and even liking) the “why-you-should-be-very-greedy” and “everybody-for-himself” lessons from this guy.

The problem you may not foresee here is that the human mind is easily manipulated and/or influenced. Besides, acts done by many no matter how irresponsible, senseless, ridiculous and foolish are easily copied and practiced by many more others with that “after all, it’s not only me” attitude. Next thing you know, that your latent greed comes out and the world will witness another round of wickedness just because the number of the wicked just increased by one.

The negative minded

The negative minded is really a problem to you. The negative minded person only sees problems, difficulties, impossibilities and insurmountable uphill tasks. He rarely sees solutions. So you better watch it as you associate with this person! Are you aware that human beings can be made to aspire for greater heights by proper motivation? Do you know that this aspiration will greatly be enhanced if and only if you come across people who know how to encourage you by supporting you thereby raising your consciousness?

The resultant effect is that hard tasks starts looking easy and you suddenly find yourself uplifted to greater heights where your only thoughts and energy will be focused on how to conquer challenges upon challenges as they come while providing solutions everywhere you encounter such problems. This is what the world needs to become a better place. The negative minded is an enemy of greatness! No wonder great motivators strongly advice that we should mind how we watch and also listen to the negative news our media bombards us with on daily basis! This very important aspiration to greater heights is definitely what that negatively minded person is going to take away from you once you start giving in to his negative views or opinions.

The indecisive

Decision making has never been an easy task but the truth is that if there is anything in this world that we must keep doing everyday, it is making decisions. Sadly though, indecision is also a form of decision! With this type of individual, no significant thing could be done because he is always willing and ready to change his stance without having any definite stance. Yes, we know that some decisions we make can actually cause us to step on toes, cause problems for many people and ourselves too, cause great (positive and negative) changes to occur but the truth is that great achievers are known to have this ability to take quick decisions and get ready to handle the consequences.

On the other hand, the indecisive one is only going to contribute to the backwardness of the project due to several delays he is always introducing to the whole system and the problems he is foreseeing. Just think about it, have you ever had any contact with such an indecisive person? Have you noticed how tiring and energy sapping his pendulum acts is to you? It is really a pain.

The boastful

There is this feeling that if you don’t blow your trumpet, nobody is going to blow it for you. Indeed! But there is a problem in the manner which you go about blowing the so-called trumpet. When you are busy boasting about your academic achievements, your escapades, your riches, your money, your everything…watch it!

One thing that happens to the boastful is that he is always ready to put others down; he is always ready to condemn others, and he is always ready to say very mean things about others.

Tell me now; is there a better and faster way to make an enemy for yourself other than by boasting all the time? The worse is when the boaster knows he is causing discomfort and distrust amongst other and yet he is still doing it!

So the problem with the boastful is that apart from being a willful gossiper, he is always ready to give you a little sense of inferiority and such a low depressing feeling has a way of lingering within your subconsciousness for quite a long time after everything has been said and done. This has a tendency causing certain types of deep insecurities like shyness, anger, hate, avarice, drug abuse and in extreme cases, murderous tendencies to awaken and come to surface in some people causing problems for the person and many others in the long run.

So if you associate with the boastful, this could be the resulting pattern. First, you become boastful too, next thing you know you are already gossiping and putting people down and before you know it, you have garnered quite a large number of SILENT enemies (even amongst your friends who may not be so disposed in wishing you bad) for yourself. Do you still like and wish to be with that boastful guy?

The overly dependent

Nobody likes stress. Nobody likes to associate with misfortune or with the unfortunate. Nobody likes problems and when you become overly dependent on someone, you become a problem. At first, people may think you need help and they will definitely give you that help after all many people all over the world are very sympathetic as they have very good and merciful hearts! Then this mild problem turns to something else and people start to notice as you continue asking for this same help, most times financial, over and over again from many other people. Things will surely get to a point that will surely get them to start talking. Then suddenly, all the help stops. Then you start wondering why friends change, why people who used to be good are now devils. Their sympathy for you dies. Then you start lamenting while feeling like the whole world hates you…depression.

But this is the reason why the overly dependent is suffering the fate described above.

Naturally, nobody likes monkeys on their backs. The problem with helping people is that if they keep on coming back, at a stage, there is this tendency of you the helper feeling like you are being used. You now feel like you have to do something fast about that. And before you know it, his problems now become yours! So what do you do? You think you should stop giving the help. Do you know what happens next?

Psychologically, you start feeling a form of remorse especially if it is still within your power to help this overly dependent fellow. This remorse will now transform to strange hatred for this person because you will definitely like to justify this your little wickedness now by believing that there is something about that person that is changing you the way you don’t like, something you don’t like. Then dejection sets in. So whenever you see this person or even hear his name, you start feeling the same hatred for this person all over again.

Wow! Poor you! Look at what your helping hand has brought to you! Hahaha!

But I know it is not funny. What you should do is to either let the person know that he has got a big problem which demands immediate resolution immediately you notice that overly dependence trait in him or else…what? Oh yes, that is my point, or you avoid him entirely to save your self some depression!

The habitual liars

She is a habitual liar. You cannot believe any word that comes out of her mouth. She can lie without battling an eyelid thereby leaving you confused the more. Like our people normally say, if she tells you to stay, you run and if she tells you to run, you better stay! You don’t know what to believe again. You always pray and wish this person will change but does she?

In fact, the habitual liar is nothing but trouble around the corner. He is like an accident waiting to happen. He can easily cause problems for you and lie his way out of the situation while leaving you gaping and stewing in the mess she has made and wondering what hit you.

My friend, please avoid him.

The all-knowing type

Personally, I detest the all-knowing type. He never wants to hear your opinion. In fact, he doesn’t even want to hear you talk. After all, what do you know? He knows it all. He is a bully. He is the boss. In fact, he is god himself. You always feel stifled with this person. Your voice can never be heard. Your opinion never counts. When he commits a blunder, he acts as if it is nothing. When you commit a similar blunder, he tells the whole world you are a dunce…doh!

You see the problem there?

The always complaining type

If there is any action that is so generally sweet and pleasing, it is complaining. When you are complaining, you feel like you are releasing the whole burden on someone or something else. “Nigeria is already a failed State! The government is not doing enough to fight poverty and create employment! We don’t have free and fair elections in this our country! The Global economic downturn and recession was caused by some wicked people! Our leaders are criminals and corrupt…! ” Bla…bla…bla!

Something has to be done; someone else has to be blamed.

Then after that what happens next? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

That is the problem with the complainer. In trying to absolve himself/herself from the cause of the problem, he becomes the self-righteous person who does no wrong, who is not part of the problem, but then he is also the someone who CANNOT provide the solution.

The complainer is always bickering about something or everything. Are you ready to be bombarded and engulfed with such a wasteful energy from the complainer just by associating with him when you could be putting your useful mental energy into use to create or achieve something meaningful for the rest of mankind?

I don’t think that is such a very sensible move.

The drug addicts

The problem with the drug addict, and I mean the serious drug addict, most of the time, he is thinking with his heavily doped senses. Some drug addicts are also known to only be in their best performance only when they are fully sedated in their drug-induced state of mind. This is quite abnormal because when dealing with such a person, the problem now is that you are either waiting for him to come to his real sense for you to be able to compare what he said or did then and what he is doing now so as to make sure that you are not dealing with a two-in-one personality.

The drug addict needs help, always. He is always in debts, heavy debts. He cannot stop himself from stealing or begging or even committing serious crimes just to get his next fix. He can rob from anybody including you. He is a danger to everyone around him and that includes you his nearest companion.

Do you fantasize a situation whereby in one moment the person you are having quite a nice conversation with all of a sudden turns to a beast, a palpable and shaking vegetable that can only be restored to a normal state by another round of drug abuse? Is that the type of company you will like to keep?

Definitely not me!

The no-risk takers

Yes. If you want to write an e-book about 1000 reasons why you shouldn’t do something you think will be quite beneficial or profitable to you (and him too) just because there are some elements of risk involved, then you are with the right person. The no-risk taker is like the tortoise which prefers his warm safe shell more than anything else. He will never stick his neck out. He is that person who will easily remind you that the hammer easily falls on that nail which stands out the most, the most obvious. He is that person who will not encourage you to go into business for yourself because he does not want to know what lies on the other side. He is that person who will always point out to you the reasons why you don’t possess the qualities that are stated on that job advert and interviews.

He is that person who is ready to give you many reasons why you will never get that hot girl or why you can never get married to that rich guy. She is that person who prefers and even tells you not to make that public speech so that you don’t embarrass yourself. She is that person who will rather encourage you to stay quiet in your seat, remain mum and allow certain wrongdoings to continue rather than speaking out and shaming the devil. He is that person who is ready to abandon any task at the first promises of danger. He is that one person you should always try to avoid…

The weak and timid

The weak and timid needs protection. We all know that. But the problem with the weak and timid is that he has developed that nature of waiting for you to take action all the time or else nothing happens. He is not ready to contribute any meaningful quota because he is afraid of the consequences. When you look at her, instead of seeing courage, you see fear. Instead of feeling the overflow of confidence, you suddenly find someone who you never knew was a stammerer as well as rambler. He is always shy.

He does not want any form of trouble. She is so timid up to point of embarrassing you. She is always afraid of standing up to be counted. He is nothing but a shameful coward who is so afraid of being criticized. She finds it so hard to make friends because he already has the dishonorable trait of judging herself wrongly in the first place.

The weak and timid can never be counted upon because when it matters most, you will always find this person retreating further into their safe haven leaving you abandoned and confused. With him, it is always fear, fear, fear…

That is one of the reasons why I think you should avoid the weak and timid.

The uninspiring

When you search for the uninspiring you find people who can never make you feel complete. You will find people who will never inspire you. You will find people who you will NEVER wish to be like at least not even in your dreams. You will find people who only know how to indulge in idle talk about any meaningless things. You will definitely find people who are said to be too busy doing nothing.

The uninspiring should be avoided. He will never give meaning to your life. He will never make you to wish for more pleasing things life can offer and the sane hunger for more spirit in you in is constantly held down by this uninspiring person. Do you know why people flock and idolize their stars and artistes? It is simply because of the inspiration, no matter how little or vague it might be they are getting from their stars. One look at your favorite star and you start feeling like you will definitely become him/her, talk like her, enjoy like him, make money like her and so many other things all connected in one way or the other to this very idol of yours…

With the uninspiring, you will never find these tendencies and/or behaviors rather what you will find is the misery surrounding the empty beer bottles.

The chronically lazybones

Like I have mentioned several times before, habits not only affect one person, it has a way of infecting many others especially people around that person with such habits. If you stay around ambitious people, you become ambitious. If you stay amongst over zealous religious, chances are you become an over zealous religious too. So if you stay around the chronically lazybones, you are already half-way there in becoming a lazybones too.

The problem with the chronically lazybones is that he knows that there is a very important task to be performed but he can never bring himself up to execute the task one and for all or at the right time. What does he do in its stead? He procrastinates thereby pilling some loads and loads of work for himself and probably for others too.

Now let’s say you are with such a person. What do you think will be the most likely habit you will pick from him/her? My guess is that you will definitely master all that it takes to become a perfect procrastinator! Simple!

As the tasks and responsibilities mount, so does the procrastinator continue with his procrastination. Until one day, she suddenly finds out that she cannot perform all the tasks effectively because time is no longer on her side. So she hurriedly does the task i.e. assuming she could still handle most of the task, in the most haphazardly manner you can ever think of.

Sometimes he may able to complete the task; sometimes he may not.

But even if she succeeds in completing the task, does that mean the task has been executed in the best way? No, of course. Even though the task has not been properly done, our chronically lazybones procrastinator has taken the greatest mental and physical toll on his body resulting in sore muscles and pains all over his body.

But do you know the most shameful part of the whole things?

Our chronically lazybones has learnt absolutely nothing. Given the same condition and circumstances, you bet, she will do the same thing all over again. Now, look at the trap. You may start seeing this person in another light, something like wonder and amazement! Why? You may think he is very good at what he does given that he can accomplish so much in so little time and next thing you know, you think you can equally do likewise.

I am so sorry for you.

You don’t want your plans or projects to be jeopardized or learn how to become a perfect bungler? Avoid the chronically lazybones by all means.

The stereotypes

Aha! The stereotypes. The stereotype is defined as an image or idea of a particular type of person or thing that has become fixed through being widely held. The stereotypic person is not willing to change his views about anything especially if he has formed an earlier notion about that very thing.

Granted, nobody should be forced to believe what he/she sees on the contrary. But where the problem lies is in situations or cases where dynamism is absolutely required to get things done and look who is holding us back…

The stereotype is not ready to change her views even when you have painstakingly explained the pros and cons of that particular case, person or thing or business you are involved with. He has a very big problem with understanding happenstances. She is not open and receptive to new ideas. He does not want to try new things because doing such is like sin to him. To him, the status quo must be maintained at all times at all cost. To you, all you are beginning to see are missed opportunities too many!

You wanna enjoy that ride with the stereotype? Go ahead but one thing for sure, you will definitely not find me with you guys!

Now listen…

Like we agreed in the beginning, people will always be people because people will always have fault(s). In fact, if you ever come across a person who seems completely faultless or something like that, chances are you will feel a little more uneasy and uncomfortable. Your warning signal or apprehension may go up because you know that the person could be an actor, a poseur, an impostor, a fraudster, a fake and many more make-believe stunts and facades put up for the sole purpose of deception.

Yes! It is true but then the truth is that our true behaviors, no matter how much concealed, have a way of coming out in the end. And when you notice a combination of three or more of the qualities mentioned above in this person and you find out that there is no way you can succeed in changing the person’s perception, views or actions…Worse still you start noticing that you are gradually being sucked in into his/her magnetic field, please take the game from me, don’t bother to do more than you think you have done already for his own good, just RUN… oh yes, SCRAM, while you still have time!


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