Year Of English, Day 306: Appointments, reservations, and meetings

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We use appointment with a person, generally a professional like a doctor, lawyer, or the dean of a university.
I will make an appointment to see the dean.
I have an appointment with my dentist.

We use reservation with a company, generally for travel and entertainment, like flights, hotels, and restaurants.
I made a reservation at the steak house.
I have a hotel reservation for two nights.

We use plans* when we have arrangements with friends or family.
I made dinner plans with Jane tomorrow.
I have plans to take my sister shopping.

*Note: Plans is always plural.
I have plans with Jim.
NOT: I have a plan with Jim.

You can use make + appointment/reservation/plans to describe the action of arranging it.
I need to make an appointment with the dentist.
I made a reservation for the restaurant on Friday.

You can use have + appointment/reservation/plans
I have plans with my friends this weekend.
I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow.

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