Year of English, Day 132: Use «suggest» correctly

Sumario –> Lección del día 132 relativa al uso correcto del término «suggest» (sugerir), mostrándose frases y oraciones incorrectas y otras correctas en cuanto a su estructura.

English learners often use the word «suggest» incorrectly. Today’s lesson will teach you the right way to use «suggest».
The thing to remember is that you suggest an idea, not the person that you’re making your suggestion to. In other words, this is incorret

—> Incorrect: I suggest you to apply for a job there.

Instead, say one of these:

I suggest applying for a job there.

I suggest that you apply for a job there.

You may also hear sentences that are similar to the last one, but without «that»

I suggest you apply for a job there.

In this sentence, it may seen like you’re suggesting a person instead of an idea. But if you examine it more closely, you’re suggesting the complete idea that «you apply for a job there».

I suggest (you apply for a job there)

On other thing to remember: don’t use «to» after suggest:

—> Incorrect: I suggest to apply for a job there.

Here are some other examples which use «suggest» correctly:

I would suggest waiting a few more weeks.
He suggested I give you a call.
Didn’t you suggest bringing in a consulting firm?
So do you suggest that we go forwared with the surgery?

Now that you know to use «suggest», here’s a bonus tip: the word «recommend» works exactly the same way!!!


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