Year of English, Day 120: Build your vocab

Sumario –> Lección del día 120 relativo a la construcción del vocabulario y las frases cotidianas.

Detalle –>Today’s tip is from Robby from English Harmony He has a trick or two up his sleeve in relation to building English vocabulary.

Hello boys and girls!

Have you been busy improving your English on a daily basis? Have you been learning new English phrases and vocabulary so that you can express your thoughts, needs and opinions more precisely?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but vocabulary building is probably something that presents a certain degree of difficulty for you.

How do I know?

Well, I’m gettting plenty of vocab building related queries from my blog visitors on a daily basis, and they all actually fall under 2 main categories:
1. How do I choose what English vocabulary to learn?
2. I’m trying to follow your advice on spoken English self-practice, but I can’t speak about very many things because I don’t know a lot of English vocabulary!

Now, if you’re having similar questions nagging at you -watch this video where I’m discussing my personal vocabulary building strategy, and you may definitely want to start utilizing the same strategy in your daily English improvement routine!

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