Year of English, Day 138: Learn some English online chat slang

Sumario -> Muchas veces nos encontramos mientras estamos chateando, con expresiones o términos que no entendemos muy bien y que encierran una frase o palabra abreviada para hacer más cotidiana la charla que estemos manteniendo.

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We’re all Internet people, right? Somehow you found the Year Of English and signed up for it, so you must be pretty good at navigating the online world. You may sometimes notice strange non-words that pop up in informal writing online: things like «OMG», «bf», etc. These slang expressions have entered the English language in the last 10-15 years because they’re faster to type than the fully-spelled-out words and phrases.

Below is a list of the most common chat that you can use when chatting online, posting to social media, writing text messages to friends, participating in online forums, and so on. Keep in mind these are accepted in informal writing only. If you use them in academic or business writing, you may be looked down upon.

b4 – before
y – why
u – you
ur – your
2 – to
gr8 – great
l8r – later
k – OK
thx – thanks
bf – boyfriend
gf – girlfriend
pls – please
ppl – people
sry – sorry
w/ – with
b/w – between
b/c – because
w/o – without

ATM – at the moment
AFAIK – as far as I know
BFF* – best friends forever
BTW – by the way
FWIW – for what it’s worth
IAC – in any case
IDK – I don’t know
IIRC – if I remember correctly
IMHO – in my honest opinion
IMO – in my opinion
LOL* – laughing out loud
LMAO – laughing my ass off
LMK – let me know
OMG* – Oh my god
TBC – to be continued
TBD* – to be determined
TMI* – too much information
TTYL – talk to you later
TY – thank you
WTF* – what the f*ck

* The expressions with stars are so well-known that you may even hear people using them in spoken English.


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