En este momento estás viendo Selenium WebDriver 2.46.0 Disponible

Selenium WebDriver 2.46.0 Disponible

Selenium WebDriver

Incluye correcciones para todos los lenguajes que soporta: Java, CC#, Ruby, Python y JavaScript(node).

Qué incluye Selenium 2.46.0?


Critical Selenium Server compile issue resolved.
Weird Safari issue with Selenium randomly updating page fixed.
The ability to add custom annotations to the PageFactory added.
Beta Marionette driver added.
Firefoxdriver now supported on OpenBSD
Much, much more! Check out the full Selenium Java Changelog


The DriverService has been improved.
Firefox event support for newer versions added.
New PhantomJS commandline arguments added.
Many PageFactory improvements added.
Added FindsByAllAttribute to .NET PageFactory implementation. This allows the user to specify that an element must match the criteria of all of the FindsBy attributes a property or field is marked with in order to be found by the PageFactory.
Improvements to the ExecutJavaScript made.
Much, much more! Check out the full Selenium C# Changelog


Firefox 38 support added
httpd.js garbage collection performance issue fixed.
Chromedriver port race condition fixed
Retry binding to ports unavailable by EADDRNOTAVAIL (#394).
Remove Presto-Opera support (Blink-based Opera still supported)
Fix aborted rubygems.org release


Firefox support added up to 38
BlackBerry browser support
Support for Presto-Opera removed
Firefox extension extraction fixes
PhantomJs process management fixes
Comparing remote web element for equality does not require a remote command
Issues Fixed: (gcode) 8493, 8521, 8498, 8274, 8497, 5923
Issues Fixed: (github) 401

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